Easy to color a castle

Find my coloring pages for free for your kids.

New coloring pages for free

Check my reviews.

Color a squirrel

Color a squirrel for free and print it.

A sunflower and a butterfly

Color a sunflower and a butterfly! Print and color for free!

Free color sheets with butterflies and princesses

Dec 7, 2011

Coloring pages for boys - cowboys coloring pages

Start some showdown fun with these cowboy coloring pages.

Free cowboy printable kids coloring book pages, sheets and pictures of cowboy.

Cowboys coloring pages - Coloring pages for kids - 

Miscellaneous coloring pages - thousands of free printable kids coloring pages - cartoon color sheets - disney color pages - holiday coloring pages and pictures - clown coloring pages and much more!

Oct 13, 2011

Coloring wildlife animals

Coloring wildlife animals

My kids love to color. New coloring sheets are all that they need to keep them busy and happy.

Kids can learn about the wildlife animals and I can print for them detailed illustrations of animals to color and use in home school projects.

Hellokids is my number one website to find out free WILD ANIMAL coloring pages

Free coloring pages for kids to download, print and color. Enjoy coloring wildlife animals.

Sep 20, 2011

Free Disney Tangled coloring pages

I watched Disney Tangled over and over again...with my girls of course.
And now my girls are always searching for free Disney Tangled coloring pages.

I found some here for free http://www.hellokids.com/r_416/coloring/disney-coloring-pages/

But my favorite Disney blog is this one http://colouringdisney.blogspot.com/

Aug 17, 2011

New coloring pages for free for little girls

Find here more free coloring pages to print for your daughter.

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

I have to create more and more for my little one.

Aug 6, 2011

Princess dress coloring pages

Because my daughters are coloring daily and they always want new princess to color, I had to create some princess dress coloring pages. You can download and enjoy with your girls.

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

Jul 29, 2011

Free Princess coloring pages

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

Because my girls are coloring every time in the day, I had to find or to create more Princess coloring pages.
Click and print.

I hope your kids will enjoy it!
You can leave your opinion, I would love to know I could help you.

Jul 19, 2011

Free Barbie coloring pages

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

(Click on the image to resize and print.)

I believe is time to share with you some links with free Barbie coloring pages. You know, I found it for my daughter and here you have:

Free online coloring pages are here: Barbie, Disney, Mariposa, Barnie, Beauty and the Beast www.4coloring.com 

FREE Girl Coloring Pages - Including Winx Club , Bratz , Barbie , Strawberry Shortcake , Kim Possible , The Littlest Pet Shop & More at www.coloringplanet.com/barbie_coloring_pages.html

Print out and color pictures of Barbie and all her friends. You can create your own Barbie Doll coloring book! At www.4kraftykidz.com/GirlStuffColoring.html 

Free Barbie Princess coloring pages. ... Free Coloring Pages · Disney Coloring Pages · Girls Coloring Pages · Alice in Wonderland · Anastasia Coloring ... you can find here at www.educationalcoloringpages.com/freecoloring.html

Jul 15, 2011

Searching for free holiday coloring pages

I am searching for free holiday coloring pages. My two girls like to draw and to color all different holiday coloring pages now.

Free Thanksgiving coloring pages for your kids you can find at Free-Coloring-Pages.com

My daughters were so thrilled and I am happy to accomplish them a new wish.My reward? Their love and joy to live.

You can try also Crayola, this is the next step for me in my journey searching for free holiday coloring pages.

Jul 7, 2011

In love with Rapunzel

My daughter is like in love with Rapunzel. And she loves coloring pages so I am searching now for the best Rapunzel coloring pages.

I bought 3 coloring books with Rapunzel and her favorite story, Tangled, from Amazon and now I have to bake some cupcake with Rapunzel as well....so my work continue...who knows?! maybe I'll be so in love with Rapunzel.

Apr 17, 2011

Decorating Easter Cake o Easter Bunny Basket

Easter is coming and I am starting my shopping. I want to buy an Easter Bunny Basket.
Some ideas you may find on my lens on Squidoo.

What about a cake?

I am planning to make a red velvet cake with white chocolate topping and some Easter chocolate bunnies on top.

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